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DonJoy Armor

The new Armor FourcePoint delivers an indestructible shield of proven protection and uncompromised strength giving athletes the confidence to go all out, guaranteed. Indestructible Protection!

DonJoy Cross Strap

One piece design means there is nothing to fall off or lose. Simple to use which means better patient compliance. Low profile which means increased comfort. Two size options for easier patient fitting and inventory management.

DonJoy Custom Adjustable OA Defiance

DonJoy's® premier Custom OA product. It is designed for the active OA patient, is extremely lightweight, and provides durable support for moderate to severe levels of osteoarthritis.

DonJoy Defiance III

The Defiance III is DonJoy's flagship custom knee ligament brace, offering a perfect, custom-made fit for every athlete. For weekend warriors to elite athletes including extreme surfer Garrett McNamara and Motocross racer Brett Metcalfe, Defiance III is the strongest of DonJoy’s functional knee braces.

DonJoy Deluxe Donut

The full tubular donut support sewn into this brace offers full-circumference control for patellofemoral disorders, including subluxation, chondromalacia and tendonitis.

DonJoy Duel TLSO

The DonJoy Duel TLSO is a unique prefabricated orthosis for post-operative, post-traumatic or chronic spinal pathology.

DonJoy Elbow Guard

Designed with bilaterial polycentric hinges to provide superior elbow support for medial/lateral ligament instabilities, while the cross strapping design at the elbow works to control hyperextension.

DonJoy Fullforce

Combines DonJoy's proven 4-Points-of-Leverage System™ with patented FourcePoint™ hing technology for the most powerful and clinically-proven solutions available to protect the ACL. Created for all activity levels, FULLFORCE's sleek, low profile and exceptionally light weight have made it the go-to prefabricated brace for competitive and recreational athletes of all kinds.

DonJoy Functional Wrist Brace

The DonJoy Functional Wrist Brace helps restore function and structural characteristics to an injured wrist. The brace offers variable extension stops with the option to control radial/ulnar deviation. The open palm design allows for gripping motion for a return to work or sport. Available in carbon fiber (CXT) or a high strength composite material (SXT).

DonJoy Hinged Knee

The DonJoy Hinged Knee, designed for mild to moderate medial lateral control, is available in both Neoprene and Drytex materials. The Neoprene Hinged Knee Sleeve has a more compressive and warmth capabilities than Drytex.The Drytex material is an alternative to Neoprene and constructed of a unique nylon core and polyester Lycra fabric that allows for improved airflow. This fabric provides compression and support, yet allows for breathability. Ideal for patients who have allergies or irritations to Neoprene or live in warm weather climates.


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