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Exos Wrist Brace with BOA

Say good-bye to awkward showers trying to keep your medical cast dry or sitting with the parents during the pool party. We know you deserve a waterproof brace with excellent stabilization and superior comfort that is custom fit to your body and way of life! This high-tech wrist brace is equally good for injured athletes and regular people annoyed with the old school cast.

Need to adjust your brace on-the-fly? No doctor appointment needed. Thanks to the award-winning Boa, get easy one-handed lace adjustment with a quick turn of the dial.

When it’s time to remove it, have no fear because no cast saw is necessary. Simply release the Boa dial and carry on.

Female Fource

Females are 3-8 times more likely to sustain an ACL tear than males. In addition, over 70 percent of all ACL injuries occur during non-contact activities, such as cutting, jumping and twisting maneuvers. The DonJoy Female Fource addresses biomechanical factors that have been implicated in the high incidence of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears in females. Females tend to perform cutting and landing maneuvers with their knees and hips in an extended and less protected position.

Fenestrated Wound Contact Dressings

Fenestrated to allow for continuous flow of fluids through the contact layer, these dressings utilize the proven Silverlon technology. 

Guardian Forearm Crutches

  • Black components hide signs of wear and scratches
  • Heavy wall, high strength aluminum tubing
  • Vinyl coated, tapered, and contoured arm cuffs

Product Number:  GUA G05161


Newport 3 Hip Orthoses

The Newport® 3 has been improved with new features resulting from years of refinement and innovation from the industry-leading original Newport® Post-Op Hip System. The patented unisex pelvic component eliminates the need for male and female models. Fixlock™ closure system on both the pelvic and thigh components facilitates donning and doffing. The ARC component enables control of internal/external rotation, eliminating the need for a more bulky HKAFO, in many cases.

OA Assist

DonJoy's technologically advanced design combines a single upright frame and the 3DF hinge on the OA Assist. A patient-ready knee osteoarthritis brace that is ideally suited for activities of daily living.

OA Everyday

The OA Everyday™ represents DonJoy's easiest to use, prefabricated knee osteoarthritis brace and is ideally suited for activities of daily living. Anterior thigh and calf cuff allows for easy application with four straps that buckle into place.

OA Lite

The OA Lite is DonJoy's most comfortable, lightest weight, lowest profile, prefabricated knee osteoarthritis brace and is ideally suited for activities of daily living and sedentary lifestyles. Soft good product with single upright.

Pediatric Folding Walker

  • Features grow-with-your height adjustability. 
  • Lightweight, aluminum "A" frame design provides greater balance.
  • Comfortable, vinyl hand grips. 

Product Number:  G07749


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