Healthcare Providers


You won’t find any inventory vending machines here—just knowledgeable, locally-based staff, ready to respond to your practice’s needs.

Here are a few additional benefits our customers enjoy:

Prompt Service. No more waiting for implant deliveries from remote locations. With Surgi- Care, you could have the product you need in as little as an hour. Mobile technologies such as our FleetMatics Fleet Tracking System and WebOps Logistics enable us to request and locate product, schedule and manage cases, and check the status of loaner shipments anytime, anywhere. Plus, we’re local! Over 30 vans, eight patient care centers, and 100 field reps and clinical specialists throughout New England ensure we’re there when you need us.

Better Products. When it comes to patient care, quality is paramount. Surgi-Care partners with industry innovators like Stryker, DJO Global, Applied Biologics, PerforMix Pharmacy and Ceterix to bring you the latest and most reliable technologies. And with the most comprehensive selection of sports medicine and orthopedic products in New England, you can count on us to have what you need.

Money-Saving Inventory Solutions. Save money and time with liberating inventory solutions like our Stock and Bill Program. Offer a broader and better array of orthopedic products to your patients, while eliminating upfront inventory costs and reducing your staff’s workload.  Learn more about our Stock and Bill Program>> 

Training on the Latest Technologies. We believe proper training on the safe and effective use of our technologies is not only the cornerstone of patient safety—it’s the cornerstone of our success. Surgi-Care offers hundreds of hands-on training labs, seminars, and symposia for surgeons, physicians, nurses, and their residents and fellows each year. Learn more about our Medical Education Programs>>